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Random Acts is a company of performers from diverse backgrounds including Education, Health Care, the Performing Arts, Training and Development, Media, Corporate and Charity work.

Tig Land: Playback Practitioner and Training & Development Consultant

Tig is the founder and Artistic Director of Random Acts. She was previously a director of the original London company for four years. Tig works especially with people in the fields of education and health-care. Much of her work is with teenagers involved in gang culture in London's East End. She is passionate about encouraging environments where people can grow and develop as individuals, through the power of fun, creativity and laughter.

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Danielle Christopher: Vocational Skills Tutor and Arts Practitioner

Danielle teaches children and young adults with Autism and Aspergers. She has been actively interested in the arts from a young age and teaches dance and drama on a freelance basis. A sense of 'there must be more than jazz hands' led Danielle to study a Masters in Applied Theatre, where she was first introduced to the concept of Playback Theatre. Her first experience of Playback was at a Random Acts performance a year later. She joined the company in 2012 and is thrilled to be performing in such an inspiring form.

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Sandra Mills: Theatre Practitioner

Sandra first encountered Random Acts Theatre Company when she came as an audience member and sat in the back of four different cars to watch ‘This Time Tomorrow’ in 2012. Impressed by the unique concept, she was quite keen to sit in one of the front seats. This is how her journey with Random Acts began. She has been part of the company since 2013 and subsequently performed in ‘This Time Next Year’ in the front seat of a car in 2013. She has worked as a performer in both the UK and abroad in various theatre companies. She took an MA in Theatre and International Development in 2003 and went on to work as a Community Engagement Officer at Chichester Festival Theatre where her particular focus was refugees and intercultural work. She has spent time in West Bengal with Jana Sanskriti using theatre to explore local village issues. She loves storytelling and Random Acts and Playback Theatre has given her the opportunity to share stories in a new way.

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Richard Brock: IT Consultant & Trainer

Richard joined the company when it began in 1998. He has worked in various London prisons, helping inmates develop their living and thinking skills. He also lectured in IT. He first saw Playback over twenty years ago, since when he has enjoyed many performances both as an audience member and performer. He is now the regular musician for Random Acts.

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