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Playback Theatre draws on the traditional use of story telling in groups. Participants are encouraged to take part in the interactive process with the actors. Through improvised techniques, the players immediately recreate the experiences of the group members. These moments may involve issues of conflict, decision making and personal discovery. By watching their reality mirrored back, it allows participants the opportunity for transformation and change in order to realise their full potential.

Therefore, Random Acts can create:

    The opportunity to explore future goals and strategies.

    The chance for self and group reflection.

    Tools to empower the development of communication and leadership skills.

    The possibility for differences to be celebrated.

    The experience of community and the development of relationships.

    Consultation around group concerns.

    Effective change through creativity.

This can be offered in a variety of ways:

Training and Development:

Through a collaborative process with your group, Random Acts will identify the challenges you wish to address. Playback Theatre is a powerful tool when used in the training forum. It offers a unique way of looking at different situations, allowing people to gain clarity and insight in order to realise their full potential.


Random Acts can provide sessions for adults and young people. The workshops would consist of a variety of strategies and techniques looking at a wide range of subjects. These can include: dealing with change in the workplace, team building, problem solving, conflict resolution, communication, presentation and leadership skills.

Performances and entertainment:

Random Acts can help in the celebration of important events and significant moments in the lives of individuals and organisations. The versatility of Playback lends itself to be accessible in many different places. For example: conferences, corporate events, festivals, birthday parties and weddings.


The Results and Effects:

    Heightened communication skills amongst group members.

    A renewed sense of purpose and future possibilities for people.

    Greater awareness and understanding of self and others, fostering acknowledgement and acceptance.

    Encourages openness and co-operation amongst colleagues.

    Reassessment of individual judgement and priorities.

    Increased spontaneity leading to increased productivity.

    Greater self-expression leading to deeper confidence within individuals.

    Identification of individuals' personal strengths and resources.

    Inspires new thought processes for the future.

    Difficult situations can be dealt with constructively and creatively.

    A new found sense of community is embraced.

What we can provide...