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Brighton Fringe 2017

“Mocks… Shocks… & Two Smoking Coffee Cups!”

It's a new term and welcome to the Claremont School of Life where many a member of staff has plenty to say about their working day! Be prepared to witness ups and downs, tears and tantrums, the pain and glory of a group of people united only by counting down the days until the next holiday! And who exactly was the mysterious 'Mr Nobody' that broke the switch on the hot water urn and forgot to feed the gerbil over the holidays? All will be revealed in this interactive and fast moving fiasco, with a surprise or two along the way!

Friday 19th May 20:00; Saturday 20th May 17:00, 20:00; Sunday 21st May 13:00

Fringe Venue 215
The Claremont
13 Second Avenue
East Sussex


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Tickets: £10.00

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